C0-VID19 Precautious 

Salon Moda Capelli and all of our staff members are taking every precaution we can to ensure that everything is sanitized and everyone is socially distancing. 

We have set up plexiglass barriers  between all stylist stations and between the guests and front desk staff. Stylists are sanitizing all tools between clients, as well as the chairs, shampoo bowls, and anything you may touch throughout your service. Our front desk staff is being socially distanced as an extra precaution. We now have a self check- in station and a self temperature check station. You may also ask your stylist to take payment to the front desk for you so ensure you don't have to make any unnecessary contact. Our front desk staff is also sanitizing the self check in, doors, and payment device regularly between clients. 

To reduce contact and possible spread of the virus, we are temporarily...


You may leave a cash tip with your STYLIST, they will also accept check or Venmo. 

We still DO NOT accept tip on credit cards so please have an alternative prepared. 

All payment must be made through a credit/ debit card.

Exact cash payment may circumstantially be accepted.